Departmnet of physical chemistry University of Pardubice
- FTIR spectrometers Nicolet 6700 and iS50 with high-temperature and low-temperature static and flow-through cells from Linkam and AABSpec companies, several purpose-made static vacuum cells for investigation of adsorption complexes, diffuse-reflectance high temperature vacuum and through-flow cell
- DR UV-vis spectrometer - diffuse reflectance  spectrometer GBS CINTRA 303 (GBC Scientific Equipment, Australia) equipped with an integrating sphere covered by BaSO4 layer. UV-vis spectrophotometer  Evolution 300 (Thermo Scientific) equipped with high temperature cell (The Praying Mantis, Harrick) allowing measurement in temperature range from -150 to 600 °C and with pressure 10-4 - 106 Pa.
- Dispersive Raman spectrometer- DXR Raman spectrometer Thermo Scientific DXR SmartRaman with a 532 nm and 780 nm lasers.
Adsorption measurements
- Volumetric vacuum adsorption apparatus for investigation of adsorption equilibrium combined with Low-temperature Tian-Calvet Microcalorimetr BT2.15 (Setaram, France)
- Automatic volumetric apparatus for measurement of adsorption isotherms and texture of solids ASAP 2020 (Micromeritics) + software packages for isotherms evaluation (MicroActive, SAEIUS)
Microcalorimetry - The isothermal Tian-Calvet micro-calorimeter combined with volumetric adsorption apparatus
Thermogravimetry – Purpose-made volumetric vacuum apparatus equipped by vacuum microbalances  MK5 from (CI Precision) for measurement of adsorption equilibrium and thermogravimetric experiments
ZLC/Through-flow chromatographic technique
TPR/TPO/TPD techniques - Two temperature programmed desorption-reduction apparatuses (Autochem 2910, Micromeritics) with on-line connection to mass spectrometer OmniStar GSD 320
Microreactors for catalytic tests - Four flow-through apparatus for testing catalysts and for kinetics studies of heterogeneous catalytic reactions with on-line product analysis (gas chromatographs with FID and TCD detectors), PID microreactor unit, photoreactor unit.