Catalysis in Czechia
Institute of Environmental Technology, VSB-TUO

For students and researchers, we offer the use of ENREGAT instruments in open access mode free of charge.

  • Flow experimental units for testing of catalysts and sorbents in the gas phase equipped with reactors and columns of different scale.
  • High temperature high pressure reaction cell Specac.
  • Experimental batch reactors (5 geometrically different) for reactions in the gas and liquid phase, using UV irradiation with wavelength 254 nm, 365 nm or 400 nm.
  • Flow photoreactor for testing of decomposition reactions in gas phase.
  • Pilot plant for the advanced oxidation processes for waste gas cleaning.
  • Batch pyrolysis reactor (max. volume: 10 dm3, max temperature: 800-850 °C).
  • Batch pyrolysis reactor (max. volume: 0.5 dm3, max. temperature 1000 °C).
  • Pilot scale continuous pyrolysis unit (max. feed rate: 2 kg/h)
    Microwave reactor (power up to 1 kW).
  • Apparatus for temperature programmed desorption and reduction AutoChem II.
    Photoelectric spectrometer.
  • Photocurrent, Kelvin probe.
  • Gas chromatographs with different detectors (TCD, FID, MSD)
    Continual analyzers (NOx, NH3, N2O, total organic carbon)
    Fourier transform infrared analyser.
  • Scanning electron microscope TESCAN VEGA G4.
  • High-temperature laboratory equipment for processing by pressurized hot and supercritical fluids with different high-temperature stainless-steel cells.
  • Laboratory instruments and magnetic stirrers for materials preparation.
  • Ovens for drying and calcining of samples.
  • Equipment for the deposition of thin layers.
  • High pressure extractor.
  • 3 Flex (Micromeritics) instrument for measuring the active surface and pore size distribution of materials by inert gas physisorption at low temperatures.

Complete instrumentation can be found here:


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