Catalysis in Czechia
Masaryk University, Brno

Research groups dealing with catalysis:

Research group of Aleš Stýskalík (Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science)

Research group deals with the synthesis of new materials (especially amorphous silicates and metal phosphates with a high specific surface area with an emphasis on anhydrous preparations), their thorough characterization and use in heterogeneous catalysis. Thanks to the thorough characterization and thus detailed knowledge of the newly synthesized materials, the correlations between the synthesis procedures of the samples and their catalytic properties is studied. At present, the group focuses on the conversion of ethanol (to ethylene, acetaldehyde, or butadiene), reactions of epoxides (e.g. with CO2, amines and alcohols) and related reactions (e.g. MPV reduction of cyclohexanone).


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