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The Heterogeneous Catalysis and Advanced Materials Group is part of the Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry and the CUCAM Center at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University. The group focuses mainly on research in the field of synthesis and catalytic applications of zeolites and molecular sieves. The biggest achievement of the group is the disclosure of the ADOR synthesis strategy, which enables, among other things, synthesis of zeolitic structures that cannot be prepared by classic hydrothermal synthesis methods (so-called unfeasible zeolites). In addition, the group has extensive experience in the field of zeolite characterization and the use of zeolite catalysts for oil processing, petrochemical reactions, biomass conversion or fine chemical technology.

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  • Group of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Advanced Materials:
    prof. Ing. Jiří Čejka, DrSc. ( - head of the group


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