Catalysis in Czechia
Institute of Environmental Technology, VSB-TUO

IET is a research and educational institute. Professional activities of IET are aimed at:

  • thermal methods of waste treatment
  • anaerobic digestion of biowastes
  • treatment of waste gases and waters
  • material utilization of solid residua
  • environmental technologies
  • modelling of air contaminants spreading

In 2019, research infrastructure of Institute of Environmental Technology focused on energy recovery of waste and waste gases cleaning has been included to the Czech Roadmap of Large Infrastructures for Research, Development and Innovation financially supported by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports by the project "ENREGAT – Energy Waste Recovery and Gas Treatment" (LO2018098).

Website of the Institute of Environmental Technologies:


Director of IET: prof. Ing. Lucie Obalová, Ph.D. (

  • Head of the Research group Heterogeneous Catalysis:
    Ing. Kateřina Pacultová, Ph.D. (

  • Head of the Research group Heterogeneous Photocatalysis:
    prof. Ing. Kamila Kočí, Ph.D. (

  • Head of the Research group Industrial Chemistry:
    Ing. Pavel Leštinský, Ph.D.  (

  • Head of the Research group Material Preparation and Waste Valorization:
    Ing. Lenka Matějová, Ph.D. (

  • PR manager IET:
    Ing. Tereza Bílková, Ph.D. (


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